Leverage the power of AI to understand better your documents

Ainhoa is an AI-driven knowledge management platform that will allow you, through conversational virtual assistants, to improve the productivity of your company by optimizing the exploration and search of documentation and the automation of processes.

Ainhoa home page

Convert text into knowledge and understand it better

Want to know if a contract has some clause or the meaning of a written concept in some of your document? No problem. Ainhoa can search, retrive and understand it for you. She uses novel approaches to get the job done automatically (RAG, ReAct, LLM)

Enterprise features

Ainhoa is secure, scalable, reliable and auditable. Documents are secured by audiences that can mimics your enterprise hierarchy. Employees will only see and interacts what they have access to.

Multiple formats and OCR

Ainhoa supports PDF and Office (Microsoft, OpenOffice, LibreOffice) documents. Scanned documents will be OCRed automatically.

Internet search

Augment local search results with Internet Search engines (like Google or Bing) to improve AI generated responses.

Language understanding

We can use GPT and other popular LLMs to understand user intents and solve task like translation, summarization or document understanding.

Private and secure

All AI services are self-hosted in Microsoft Azure privately and all the stored documents are encrypted at rest. We do not use any third party services and do not share any information with the provider or other companies.

Multi-channel support

You can connect Ainhoa bots with Microsoft Teams, Slack, Alexa and other channels. You can even use Ainhoa from your own application using our API.

Reach goals that matter

One product, unlimited solutions

Talk to your documents, import them from your existing systems, and develop skills to automate common tasks.

Features 01

Where are your documents?

You can let Ainhoa crawl your document sources actively using our predefined crawler types, or you can build your own crawler and send documents using our existing API. We have built tailored crawlers that obtain documents from their on-premises systems.

  • Crawl web sites
  • Get documents from SharePoint document library
  • Connect ServiceNow Knowledge bases
  • Send documents from your local NAS or File server
Features 02

Let the AI do the heavy lifting

Develop conversational flows to automate common tasks. The AI will drive the conversation and will call your systems API to fulfill the necessary steps. Some examples are:

  • List my open tickets (The AI connects to ServiceNow and gets the open tickets)
  • Get documents from SharePoint document library
  • How many vacations I have left? (The AI connects to SAP to obtain that information)
Features 03

Give me insights about my docs

Ainhoa can search, but also can answer questions based on your documents or scanned procedures. Some examples:

  • What this document talks about?
  • Find the net income of Company A, then Company B and let me know who earned more in 2022
  • Do this document mentions the insurance policy?